The Martinborough Dark Sky Society was set up in 2017 with the following goals

a. Preserve, protect, enhance and promote the outstanding dark sky panorama of the South Wairarapa region.

b. Research, prepare and submit an application to the IDA (International Dark Sky Association – for Martinborough and surrounding areas in the Wairarapa (‘Dark Sky Reserve’) to be recognised for our world class dark skies.

c. Support the local council, businesses and community in preparing and complying with new lighting rules required for the recognition in (a) above.

d. Engage with & lobby (if required) any party of which the submission to the IDA requires their support.

e. Become an advocate and education group to inform others on the value of protecting the dark skies in the Dark Sky Reserve, including impacts on wildlife and human health.

f. Support and promote the economic development of the region as a destination for Dark Sky tourism, research, and public enjoyment.

g. Recognise the importance of the area’s history, landscape and values to tangata whenua.

h. Support and promote the use of the Dark Sky Reserve for astronomy, astrophotography, education and public outreach in the natural sciences.

i. To promote membership and identify potential volunteer supporters

j. To work to grow the support of the community and businesses within the Dark Sky Reserve

k. To collaborate and partner with other Dark Sky places in New Zealand and internationally

l. Do anything necessary or helpful to the above purposes.